Sizing Guide

As shoe sizing varies between brands and even within brands, it is important that you have your child's exact foot measurement for reference rather than using the size from an existing pair.

If you have any questions or are unsure about the sizing please feel free to contact us so that we can advise you.

Baby and toddler shoes should be longer than the foot by approximately 5-10mm.

Whilst walking, feet naturally move towards the front of the shoe, so if the shoe is too short then one or more toes will push against the end of the shoe, causing discomfort and inhibiting development.

When choosing the correct size, please also bear in mind that children's feet grow by approximately 5mm every 6 months, so a shoe that is only just fitting now will soon be too short if you don't allow for wriggle / growth room.

We advise you check their shoes every 2 months during their first year and every 3 months from 1 to 3 years.

How to measure your child's feet:

We have two methods for you depending on whether or not you have the use of a printer.

Method 1 (with printer):

If you have a printer we would recommend measuring your child's foot on our Printable Size Chart.

Please click the image to the left then print at
not "Print to Fit", "Fit to Page" or similar).

You can ensure the scale is correct with either a ruler, bank card or UK £1 coin.

The Printable Size Chart also gives comparisons to UK, EU and US sizes.

Method 1 (without printer):

The simplest way to choose the correct size for your little one is to have them stand barefoot and upright on a piece of A4 paper allowing for the full spread of the foot in terms of width & length.

With a pencil, make a mark where the back of the heel and the tip of the big toe end and measure between the two marks using a centimetre / millimetre ruler (ensure that your child’s toes aren't scrunched up).

The distance between the Measured Foot Length and the Shoe Inner Length should be between 5mm to 10mm to account for growth and wiggle room (slightly more, 7mm to 12mm if socks are worn).

Then choose your size from the relevant Size Guide table before placing your order.

The relevant Size Guide table can be found on each of the product pages, on the Sizing (Click Me) tab below the product images. For your convenience, for each brand, we have also placed the Size Guides below.

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